2009-04-11: Temora Aviation Museum Flying Weekend, Temora NSW, Australia

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Date: April 11-12, 2009

Location: Temora NSW Australia

North American T-28 TrojanNorth American T-28 Trojan

"The majority of the Museum’s aircraft will be flown on a Flying Day, with the schedule being set on the day after consideration is given to the weather and aircraft serviceability.

Visitors are able to view aircraft takeoff from a close, but safe distance into the skies above the Museum. Due to this close proximity of the aircraft, visitors are able to experience unique sights, sounds and aromas associated with the aircraft. While the aircraft is in flight, the commentators on the ground provide informative and entertaining information relating to the aircraft being flown.

The day is broken by a lunch break for half an hour and finishes with the opportunity for visitors to get up close to the aircraft and pilots during the ramp talk at the end of the day.

The Museum will often include visiting aircraft in its schedule to add to the day's events."

Aircraft collection:

DH-82A Tiger Moth

CA-16 Wirraway

Supermarine Spitfire Mk VIII

Supermarine Spitfire Mk XVI

Ryan STM S2

Lockheed Hudson

CA-13 Boomerang

RAAF Sabre

Cessna O-2A

Cessna A37B Dragonfly

Gloster Meteor F.8

DH-115 Vampire T35

Handley Page English Electric Canberra

T-28D Trojan

Cessna O-1G 'Birddog'


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