2009-07-03: Wide Bay Australia International Airshow 2009, Queensland, Australia

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Date: July 3-5, 2009

Location: Wide Bay Australia International Airshow 2009, Bundaberg Airport, Queensland, Australia

C-17 Globemaster IIIC-17 Globemaster III

"Friday is dedicated to trade. This will included demonstrating the workhorses of aviation doing what they are designed to do: short take off and landings; slow flight; maximum cargo capacity; and training aircraft.

On Saturday and Sunday, the skies come alive with the very best of aviation displays, including aerobatics, warbirds, jets, formation flying, ground attack simulations, agricultural flying, heli-mustering and flying novelty acts."

Features (preliminary listing):

Flag and flyby opening;WB and Aussie Flags, circling aircraft Sung national Anthem
WB DC3 formation fly-by;DC3-Wirraway-Yak fly bys
Russian Roolettes;With Pyros
WW1 air battle;Beginning of air war through the ages Featuring LSA aircraft WW1 replicas
WW2 segment;Bombing of Darwin - includes B18 ( maybe B26), Zero/T28/Mustang and P40 - Pyros/ noise /Ground troops /Ack Ack/ Sirens/ public involvement (this is where you feel the noise)
Strikemaster rocket firing;Ground based simulated air to ground rocket firing (real aircraft)
Heritage flyby;Mustang/P40/Wirraway/Hawk (hopefully)
Jet age air combat;Strikemasters
Hawk handling;RAAF
Roulette Take-off;RAAF
Lear 45;Singapore Flying College
Combined formation/handling;Pel-Air Metro handling overflown by Bundaberg Jabiru formation
Aerobatics/Large Jet handling;Yak 52 aeros on one day Alliance F100 on the other
Lunch break;Roulette recovery
Vintage formation;Mixed bag of old a/c Dragon/ Chipmunks/ TIED TIGERS -3 Tigers tied together)
Mig 15;Jet handling
Rescue Chopper;Energex
Ag display
C17 handling;RAAF
Novelty;Flying training sequence
DC3;First TAA aircraft - (actual aeroplane)
T28 formation;First T28 four ship in Australia - more thunder to feel
Warbird demo;North Queensland Warbirds - from Mareeba - culminating in record attempt wall of fire
Balboa fly-by;Flying program closure of big radial flypasts
Stunt Motor Cycles;


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