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Becoming a member of Aviation Spectator provides several benefits, all of which, we hasten to add, cost nothing:


As an Aviation Spectator member, you will have a blog of your own, that you alone maintain, listed at the URL www.aviationspectator.com/blogs/[your username]

You can use this blog to write anything you like about the world of aviation – your favourite airplanes, helicopters, ultralights, R/C aircraft; your best and worst flying experiences; tips for fellow pilots and planespotters; in short, anything at all as long as it's aviation-related.

You can also upload and post photos and other images to your blog (as long as you don't post anything of a graphic or offensive nature, and, once again, as long as it's related to the world of flight.) Each user is granted 5MB of space for image storage. If you should happen to run out, you can instead embed images from, for example, your Flickr or Picasa account.

High-resolution aviation images

Registered users get access to higher-resolution versions (when available) of aircraft images collected in our extensive image galleries.


Registered users can post comments on any and all articles posted on Aviation Spectator.


When our forums are up and running, all registered users will be entitled to participate.

We'll be adding additional membership features soon, including buddylists (with which to keep track of your favourite fellow bloggers), bookmarks, and more. So jump in and help us make Aviation Spectator the Internet's ultimate aviation site.

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