Video: P-3C Orion high speed pass at Richmond airshow 2006

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Four-engine turboprop anti-submarine and maritime surveillance aircraft.

Originally designed as a land-based, long-range, anti-submarine warfare (ASW) patrol aircraft, the P-3C's mission has evolved in the late 1990s and early 21st century to include surveillance of the battlespace, either at sea or over land.

Its long range and long loiter time have proved invaluable assets during Operation Iraqi Freedom as it can view the battlespace and instantaneously provide that information to ground troops, especially U.S. Marines.

The P-3C has advanced submarine detection sensors such as directional frequency and ranging (DIFAR) sonobuoys and magnetic anomaly detection (MAD) equipment.

The avionics system is integrated by a general purpose digital computer that supports all of the tactical displays, monitors and automatically launches ordnance and provides flight information to the pilots.

In addition, the system coordinates navigation information and accepts sensor data inputs for tactical display and storage.

The P-3C can carry a mixed payload of weapons internally and on wing pylons.

this was just great..but it surely comes with a lot of flying expierience.....m still a learner....i hope i become a master pilot and fly the same way...m learning at Chimes aviation...

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