Video: UH-1N Huey helicopter - video created by USMC pilot for the squadron

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The UH-1N is a light-lift utility helicopter used to support Air Force Space Command missile wings and groups. The helicopter has a number of uses. Its primary mission includes:

* Airlift of emergency security and disaster response forces,

* Security surveillance of off-base movements of nuclear weapons convoys and test range areas during launch conditions

* Space shuttle landing support, priority maintenance dispatch support, and emergency positive control document changes

* Response to search and rescue operations

Other uses include airlift of missile support personnel, airborne cable inspections and distinguished visitor transport.

The UH-1N is capable of flight in instrument and nighttime conditions. The crew complement is normally two (pilot and co-pilot), but may be flown single-pilot depending on weather and mission requirements. The crew complement for hoist, water and navigational operations is three, adding a flight engineer. When configured for passengers, the UH-1N can seat up to 13 people, but actual passenger loads are dependent on fuel loads and atmospheric conditions (may be less). The medical evacuation configuration can accommodate up to six litters. Without seats or litters, the cabin can carry bulky, oversized cargo.

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